ICEM Surf – the Competitive Advantage in Product Design.


Reducing time to market whilst achieving the very best in product design is highly critical in today’s competitive world.

ICEM Surf is acknowledged as a world leading advanced product design surface modelling software. It is used extensively throughout the automotive and other industry sectors where excellence in product design is vitally important to competitive advantage and business success.

ICEM Surf is used in all key areas of the product development life cycle, from the early stages of conceptual design right up to the development of what are termed Class ‘A’ surfaces optimized for manufacture.

The Power to turn your Company’s Designs into Reality

ICEM Surf provides designers and engineers with powerful real time design visualization, surface development and analysis tools to quickly create highest quality, manufacturing ready digital surfaces in a virtual product development environment.

Using ICEM Surf our modellers are able to develop product surfaces in real time, either from design sketches, imported CAD data or Point Clouds taken from scanned clay models in the studio.

Your design ideas and concepts can be worked and reworked interactively without having expensive physical models which take time and increase costs. ICEM Surf facilitates reduced product development times whilst providing for complete design flexibility and complex surface models.

Icemsurf image
Icemsurf image

ICEM Surf is Ideal for Fast Collaborative Product Development

ICEM Surf’s critical visualization and analysis capabilities enable design, manufacturing and sales departments to see and discuss individual products or whole assemblies on screen, enabling changes and new ideas to be implemented quickly and with minimum effort in order to meet everyone’s demanding requirements.


Built-in Surface Evaluation and Analysis Tools saving you time and costs

ICEM Surf includes a whole multitude of tools enabling modellers to adhere to design parameters, carry out pre-production feasibility checks, and even conduct safety checks. All these capabilities are designed to speed up product development whilst keeping your manufacturing costs reduced.

ICEM Surf’s real-time analysis tools enable modellers to develop the highest quality digital models and surfaces quickly. For example engineering sections can dynamically traverse surfaces displaying real-time curvature analysis. This sort of model analysis technique exists only in ICEM Surf and enables the modeller to develop the highest quality surfaces in rapid time. Other tools include gap and flatness analysis, helix surfaces, advanced fillets and more, all of which are designed to avoid costly and time consuming prototyping, product modification and testing.

Icemsurf image

Finding out more

If you would like to consider using ICEM Surf for your product development, why not contact us for a demonstration of it's capabilities, and to see how it can help your business become more successful through highest quality virtual product development.


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